Sewer Pumping Station Emergency Pump

Being able to respond to Clients needs with a CAN DO approach rather than a CAN”T approach is how we approach customers needs, our client a Major Water Authority in the North of Melbourne had an emergency situation at its pumping ponds, the inflow was faster than their existing infrastructure could cope with.
So the call was put out to LINK PUMPS, we identified their requirements following discussions with key personnel.
We went straight into mobilisation and preparation, transport was booked as this needed a heavy duty crane with a long boom due to site conditions. We were ready to go in 2 hours, the pump and fittings and pipework were delivered to site.
Our Solution based on the Flow and head advised by the customer was to provide an Ahlstrom 100x125mm Stainless Steel pump powered by a Cummins 6 cylinder Diesel motor, not long after installation winter set, inflow increased beyond the Clients estimates and we needed to supply another emergency pump, which we supplied.
Mindful of cost, we discussed with the client preparing a single pump to cover the current duty with a 30% surplus flow capability, we prepared this, delivered to the site and removed the two pumps on hire.
Thus satisfying the client’s needs and saving money.