At Link Pumps our ability to engineer Industrial Pump Solutions grew from humble beginnings in 1959, our 56 years of experience in assisting customers to identify and apply the right industrial pump solutions to meet and exceed our customer’s needs, providing pumping solutions in industries such as mining, quarrying, industrial, manufacturing, construction, agriculture & irrigation, maritime, fire services, water, sewerage and wastewater industries has been the cornerstone of our success.

Through the experience of our committed team, we have become a trusted and preferred industry partner.

Partnering with Engineers, reliability and maintenance teams, Project Managers, Facility Managers and Operations Managers; has provided us with the expertise, skills and knowledge to solve any pumping problem, we continue to deliver innovative, precision engineered solutions that save both time and money.

We have access to the latest Pump Technology

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We continually keep ourselves abreast of the latest advances in Pumping Technology from around the world.