What is a booster Pump?

A booster Pump, also known as a pumping station.

It is usually either a fixed structure or transportable structure whose primary function is to house the pumping mechanisms needed to move fluids from one place to another.

The exact type of equipment used wi!l depend on the function of the station and the type of fluid that needs pumping.

For example, some may use slurry pumps, sludge pumps, or sewage pumps to move sewage from a collection well to a treatment plant.

Where are they commonly used?

Most pumping stations or Booster Pumps are integral parts of a municipal sewage treatment system.

Or they may also be used to accelerate sewage where gravity is not enough to move the fluid from its source to a sewage treatment facility.

In other applications, they are used as lift station pumps and are also used in industrial facilities to process sludge or industrial waste.

They are used in large agricultural facilities, and are often essential components of irrigation systems used to supply water to canals and helping to move water toward the crops.