What is a close coupled pump?

A Close Coupled Pump is a type of pump that involves an impeller as the central element of the motor component.

The pump doesn’t have a separate coupling, and thus eliminates the need for coupling alignment using a laser alignment tool, which can be one of the more expensive and time-consuming operations of commissioning and using pumps that aren’t close-coupled.

In a close coupled pump, the impeller is on the same shaft as the electric motor that drives the pump.

The motor has a machined face on one end, which matches the face on the pump casing that is mounted against the motor face.

The bearings that are in the motor must be able to handle the forces generated by the pump, since the pump doesn’t have its own separate bearing housing.

Where are they used?

The simplicity, versatility, and relatively low cost of this type of pump make them useful in many industries.

They typically are used with relatively simple seals, so they are limited as to temperature and to relatively non corrosive liquids. Because the bearings are located in the motor, close couple pumps are limited in size to about 40-50 hp for most applications.