Reservoir Dewatering

De-water Reservoir to provide much needed water Agriculture and Aquatic use

The Emergency call came from a Water Authority in Western Melbourne.!!

Reservoir water level had fall below the siphon level intake, this meant that critical water was not flowing down Pikes Creek;

to keep Aquatic life alive and much needed water for Agriculture down stream of the reservoir dam wall.

Pikes Creek Reservoir de-watering site

Submersible pumps were needed to ensure ongoing access the remaining water supply, limited power at the site meant we had to choose highly efficient submersible pumps which required lower power.

We fabricated pontoons for the three Flygt pumps, which were to pump 10 megalitres per day.

Lay flat hose supported by floats connect the pumps via a manifold and 33 meters of 10″ poly pipe to the dam outfall.

The bulkhead of the dam tower is 900 mm diameter and we fabricated a special adapter plate to enable the connection of the poly pipe.


The job included the installation of the pumps and piping in the reservoir. Access was difficult due to the low water level and difficult terrain.

Excavators were used to transport the pumps and pontoons from the dam wall to the old boat ramp area, which allowed access to the water. From there the pumps were towed by a punt to the required position.


The three pumps discharge into the base of the tower. At any time 2 pumps are operating and one is on standby in case of pump failure.

The pumps will enable another 3 to 4 meters of water to be pumped out of the reservoir and will provide much needed water for the farmers of the local area.