Fire fighting Pumps


Link Pumps have been building diesel drive fire fighting pumpsets for over forty years. More recently over the last ten years, Link Pumps has been servicing the special needs of supply vessels in South East Asia and other areas, where the ships require standby firefighting capability for protection of personnel on oil rigs. The pump must deliver twenty tonnes of water every minute at distances of 90 metres and more. The engine must start reliably, often after long periods of idleness. The set must be easy to prime and operate and be rigid enough to stand on an uneven deck, without significant coupling mis-alignment. And certainly not the least of the problems, the pumpset must withstand the extremely corrosive effects of seawater spray in an already humid and hot tropical environment. Hire units are usually mounted above the water level on the open deck. This means that the pump needs low NPSH requirements and the pumpset should use a minimum of valuable deck space. These vessels may sometimes be engaged in towing. The firepump set should be as narrow as possible to avoid being damaged by the tow rope.

The 300 x 250 – 500 LINK FIREPUMP is specially designed for best efficiency at 1200 tonnes/hour. Low NPSHr, minimum deck space and an extremely robust mounting point for the monitor, have all been incorporated into this purpose designed pump. The set shown here has an engine providing 500hp at 1800rpm. The reduced impeller of 455mm has an output of 8.8 bar. At 1800rpm and full size impeller pressure is 12.8 bar and needs 670hp. At 1900rpm with 760hp 14.4 bar is available. FEATURES These sets are the latest development by Link Pumps backed by the experience of the many firepump sets built and operated since 1981, in addition to the many diesel pumpsets built for the Australian domestic market in 50 years of operation.


Maritime Firefighting pump  image54  Fire fighting pumps