We are pleased to introduce our potable water pump station, designed for use within the irrigation market, municipal water supply, water transfer and system boosting.  The unit comprises four vertical multistage pumps, fitted with 15 Kw motors and 2 jacking pumps fitted with7.5Kw motors, which are connected to 2 independent manifold systems with discharge and non-return valves fitted to all pumps.


The manifolds can be connected together to run as one single system or one system performing duty operation and one system providing backup if required. The pump station is capable of delivering a flow of 45 litres per second.

PLC Control


The sysytem is operated automatically by PLC control. All functions are set using the touch screen interface. Monitoring capabilities include; pump suction and discharge pressure, pump casing temperature, total flow, pump power, current, voltage on all phases, flow switches are fitted to each pump. All monitoring information and alarms can be sent via SMS to a designated operator.

Compact Design


This pumping station is designed to provide temporary constant pressure potable water supply. It is containerised for ease of transport and installation on site, with large side openiong doors, it provides easy access for operation and maintenance.