Sewer Bypass Pump Hire


Link Pumps has been involved with sewer bypass work for many years and has built a reputation for being able to undertake complex setups with complete reliability and working to the exacting standards of environmental and occupational health and safety expected by water authorities, contractors and residents.  We can assist you with your requirements of a small diesel silenced pump or a fully self contained Serwer Bypass Station with remote monitoring.

Pumping-Station-Small  LP Sewer Pump Station

Our extensive amount of resources and equipment, coupled with our expertise in this area allows us to provide cost-effective solutions that meet the highest industry standards. An example of our work was the major sewer bypass job undertaken as part of the works associated with the Commonwealth Games village site. A major sewer needed relining and Link Pumps was responsible for bypassing the sewer for a period of 2 months, continuously monitored 24 hr per day. The location was in a park adjacent to a residential area and absolute cleanliness, reliability and low noise levels were our brief. The setup comprised two submersible pumps in the sewer manhole, the lid of which had to be removed to install the Link Pumps’ purpose built and bunded working platform, installed to enable safe and easy access to service the pumps while preventing odours escaping the sewer. 100 % backup was provided by containerised self-priming trash pumps. These were interconnected with the submersibles with complex manifolds. All pumps were powered by super silenced generator sets. The delivery pipe was buried under the public tracks to maintain public access to the park. All controls and monitoring system were also setup by Links Pumps, housed in a purpose-built container-office.

Sewer-Bypass-PumpsSewer Bypass Pumping StationsSewer-Bypass-setup


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