Pump Testing

Fire pump
132 Kilowatt electric firefighting pumpset


Our site in Williamstown North (Victoria, Australia) has  facilities for pump testing and performance analysis. We have the equipment and expertise to do precision alignments using laser aligning equipment, vibration and temperature monitoring and discharge and suction pressure readings. From this information we can test whether the pump is performing in accordance with the manufacturers specification. We test all repaired pumps, pumps in our hire fleet prior to dispatch.

Our pump and valve testing service is also available for all our customers to assess the performance of their pumps. A pump that operates at 5 or 10 percent reduced efficiency will consume more electricity or fuel over its lifetime.

So Have Your Pump Tested!!

Like to know more? Contact Us here at Link Pumps for an obligation-free price and to schedule your pump test at our Williamstown test facility.





Vibration sensor
Vibration sensor attached to the pump housing
Temperature measurement
Measuring pump bearing temperature with non contact temperature probe
PLC readout
Touchscreen pump monitor readings